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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Casley-Smith Method
The Casley Smith technique is based on the Foldi method and follows the principles of re-direction within a compromised lymphatic system which provides more flexibility for treating patients.

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It provides a systematic approach to the clearance of lymphatic drainage regions, comprised of hand manoeuvres, effleurage strokes and breathing exercises. Delivered in a slow, rhythmical fashion using gentle pressures, MLD is usually provided within a programme of physical therapies including exercise and skin care. The swollen area may also be bandaged or a compression garment used to support the limb.

When MLD is used to treat severe or complicated lymphoedema (such as body swelling alongside limb swelling) it is usually given on a daily basis over two to three weeks. Time spent each day will depend on the site and size of the swollen area, but always includes treatment of the main drainage routes in the body. Some of the specific techniques can be simplified into a slow effleurage movement over the skin which the patient or carer can learn for self-management.

Please see the Treatment page for further information about the MLD massage I am able to offer.

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