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MLD Massage
Providing massage in clinic or at your own home

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I am a registered therapist with MLD UK (click here) and am very happy to provide private treatment to suit your specific needs.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your condition and the service I can provide. My contact information is given on the Welcome page of this website.
I will do my very best to help in any way I possibly can!

In most cases, this is what you can expect from your MLD Treatment

Manual Lymph Drainage, or MLD, is a specialized type of massage, which is given for lymphoedema, as well as for some other conditions, and after some surgery such as lipo-suction. There are several Schools of MLD in the UK, and the one I have been trained in is the Casley-Smith School. MLD is a very gentle form of massage, which aims to reduce swelling by removing lymph from congested swollen areas of the body to areas where it can drain effectively. It uses the body's normal drainage routes, by-passing blockages, and enabling healthy lymphatics to work more effectively.

Following your decision to go ahead with private MLD treatment, I will arrange a convenient time to visit you at home, to introduce myself, and in order to carry out an initial assessment following your request for MLD. This will involve my asking you some questions; about your general health, any other medical conditions you may have, and any medication you are currently taking. I will then take a detailed history of your lymphoedema, including how and when it developed, what effect the swelling has on you day to day, and any treatment you may have had before and whether this has helped. I will then carry out an examination of your lymphoedema to assess the severity and staging, and to check that there are no complications or issues which may be contra-indicated to you receiving MLD. If this is the case, I will refer you to your GP for further tests or investigations to be carried out, as it is important to ensure that MLD is given safely.

Following this initial consultation, we will agree a treatment plan together, which will include a date for your first session of MLD, and further dates through to the end of the agreed course of MLD treatments. We will also agree together where you will receive the treatment, and If you wish to, we can arrange for you to have your first treatment of MLD immediately following the initial consultation, providing there are no contra-indications to doing so. If you have any questions about your MLD treatment at any time, you will be able to contact me, either by email or mobile phone.

Thank you!