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a new enterprise established by Jeanne Everett (director) in 2019 to provide training, education and private care in most aspects of lymphoedema management.

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I began my training to become an RGN at Westminster Hospital, London, in 1975 and qualified in 1978. I soon came to believe that my vocation lay within the field of Oncology, especially hospice-based care. Aside from maternity leave, I have been able to follow this calling through the entirety of my professional career and have specialised in lymphoedema management and care. Having taken retirement from NHS and Macmillan funded employment in April 2019, I am delighted to have the opportunity to "follow my passion" and continue using my experience to provide specific private care and education which will relect the very best of what I've established as a lymphoedema nurse specialist.

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I have recently finished my 2 year chair of the Macmillan Lymphoedema Association (MLA). The following summary of my recent career is taken from the MLA website click here:

"Jeanne has worked in lymphoedema since 1993 since setting up and running a hospice clinic. After completing Casley Smith MLD training in 2000 she has been a Casley Smith teacher and part of the Macmillan Lymphoedema Association since 2005.
After working as the Lead Nurse for the Specialist Lymphoedema team in the North of England Cancer Network, Jeanne worked at Charing Cross Hospital, London where she developed a new Lymphoedema Service within the Oncology Department. her most recent post was as Lymphoedema Clinical Lead at Teeside Hospice, where she ran a program of lymphoedema courses and was involved in redesigning Lymphoedema Service provision to North and South Tees."

Jeanne Everett
6, Fellside Gardens,
Durham City

07983 385283

Email: jeanne@lymphsolutions.co.uk

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